QuickBooks Integration

Outgrowing your QuickBooks system? Do you have staff copying and pasting data from one system into QuickBooks? Do you need a report QuickBooks can't create? You need custom QuickBooks programming!

Custom programming allows you to automatically create invoices, new customers, transactions, etc. in QuickBooks, without typing data! Any data source - Excel spreadsheets, other system's databases, word documents, etc. can be transformed into QuickBooks entries. ANY data currently stored (locked!) in a QuickBooks system can also easily be exported to Excel or another system to support analysis, creation of mailing labels, etc. Get away from your QuickBooks system and get back to running your business! The payback on custom QuickBooks programming can be huge - a few hours of programming can save hundreds, even thousands of hours of manual effort each year.

  • Import Sales orders or Invoices from your website directly into QuickBooks
  • Moving from another system to QuickBooks? Let us import your customer list and sales history (in under an hour!)
  • Use QuickBooks data to drive your business. For example, you could automate a process to e-mail coupons to all customers whose sales are off by more than 25%

Case Study: Whynatte Enterprises, LLC.

Background: Whynatte is a startup beverage company that makes a (delicious) ready-to-drink canned Latte. Whynatte's sales staff sells directly to bars and restaurants, meaning that they are rarely in the office.

The Challenge: Whynatte's sales team couldn't make new sales if they were back in the office entering data into the QuickBooks system. How could this remote sales force register new clients and sales orders without pulling them away from selling?

The Solution: Morrison Analytics developed a web-based customer registration and order entry system for Whynatte's sales staff. Using the web browser on their iPhones, sales reps now enter customer and order information in real time. Custom QuickBooks programming allows Whynatte to import the new customers and invoices created each day with the click of a button. Hundreds of invoices load to the QuickBooks system in less than a minute. The sales staff stays productive, while the home office has a real-time view into orders as they happen.

If you think your business could use custom QuickBooks development, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.