Web-Based Reporting

Are you running a franchise or retail operation with multiple locations? Are you giving your front-line, customer-facing staff the tools and information they need to drive sales and profits? You need an affordable, web-based reporting system that provides EACH LOCATION customized reporting about their performance.

Creating a specific performance report for EACH location in your business is complicated enough - and that's before you find a way to GET the reports to each location! Mailing hard-copy reports to each site means that your front line staff never gets 'fresh' information, and is always 'looking in the rearview mirror'. Delivering customized reports ONLINE (via a secure website), gives each site in your organization real-time performance data, which allows them make better decisions NOW. If every front-line employee in your organization could track their sales vs. targets, see which items are selling best at their location, and see where their site compares to other sites across the chain, in REAL-TIME, do you think sales could increase just 2%? Could you use 2% higher sales right now?

Some examples of site-specific reporting options (delivered via a secure website):

  • Actual site sales vs. last year's sales vs. this year's sales plan
  • Employee sales week-to-date vs. target (keep sales staff motivated and engaged)
  • Average sale (at the site) vs. average sale across the chain
  • Bestsellers - items the site is selling at a higher rate than the chain at large (store staff knows to keep pushing these)
  • Underperformers - items the site is selling at a lower rate than the chain at large (store staff should investigate to ensure these items are being properly merchandised)
  • Anything else you can think of!

Case Study: National Book Retailer

Background: A national book retailer with over 500 locations needed to engage front-line sales staff. An employee incentive program rewarded staff for achieving weekly sales goals, but there was no system in place for employees to track their location's weekly sales vs. target.

The Challenge: Each of the 500+ locations needed a customized version of the sales vs. target report (The chain's major competitor frequently "poached" store employees, so for competitive reasons, it was unwise to distribute a single report listing all 500+ store's performance). Additionally, to keep staff focused on their sales targets, week-to-date sales information needed to be available to staff immediately.

The Solution: Developed a secure website with unique logon for each site. Stores could track their week-to-date sales vs. target sales, as well as benchmark their site's performance vs. their last-year sales and against the rest of the organization. Web hosting to support over 500 stores cost less than $20/month (about 1 cent per store per day).

If you think your customer-facing employees could sell more if they had the right information at their fingertips, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.